Mike Moynihan

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"Mike Moynihan is one of the brightest lights on the jazz horizon. He is a superlative player who deserves wider recognition."

-Bill Watrous


I am a musician. I devote my time and energy to the process of creating honest and evocative works of art. The saxophone is my chosen ax, or perhaps it is the ax that chose me! I love the emotional range of the saxophone; the instrument has an uncanny ability to mimic the human voice, but in a transcendental sort of way.

My life as a composer is equally vibrant to my musician life. I strive to create compositions that come from a deep place in my soul, thus reflecting the inputs I receive from the world around me. As an artist, I see myself as a prism: everything I experience passes through me, and, transmuted by my conscious spirit, it all comes out as the beautiful rainbow rays of art.

Please listen to my album, Chronicles, to get an idea of what my prismatic art spectrum sounds like. I am currently work on a new album,  that I hope will be available by the winter of 2018.

Thank you for visiting moynihanmusic.com! I hope you enjoy your time in the prismatic realm.

Photography by Hank Hirschfeld, Purple Nickel, and Mike Moynihan


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