Mike Moynihan's Purple Spectre

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Mike Moynihan's Purple Spectre Is...

A groundbreaking jazz ensemble that features original compositions and arrangements. We are trying to test the limits of what can be called jazz, while at the same time honor the spirit of the music that we love so dearly.

Purple Spectre Consists  of...

Kai Felix (drums)

Max Goldschmid (trumpet)

Patrick Morris (bass)

Mike Moynihan (saxophone)

Angelo Versace (keyboard)


Our music is..

Tantalizing and provocative. Groovy and sophisticated. Harmonic and deep greasy.

Check out our "Spirit Realm EP"!

Great news! We finished recording our debut album! Due out in early 2019! Sign up on our email list below for a sneak preview!

Mike Moynihan and Purple Spectre doing what makes Tuscon great. World class talent in a small town feel.
Mike Moynihan and his band Purple Spectre is doing it again here in Tucson! Reminds me of the days of The Village Vanguard. New, Fresh and Innovative musicians entrenched in giving the listeners a true experience.
This band is total fire…Mike, a quintessential artist in the Tucson music scene.
The electric keyboards and restrained drumming give the music a contemporary, urban vibe and when the thick bass notes linger in, it’s hard not to get into a groove. This isn’t to detract from the brass, however. The saxophone seamlessly jumps between cool droning which allows room for the other instruments, and taking center stage with melodic, wailing solos. The trumpet and sax melodies somehow wind up equal parts energetic and mellow, like something you might hear on Giant Steps.
— Jeff Gardner, Tucson Weekly

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