Purple Spectre

Transcendental Groove Bop


Take the compositional sophistication of Wayne Shorter, fuse it with the hard grooves of Bitches Brew and Red Clay, sprinkle in some dust from the shoes of Ariel Pink, and you might get something resembling Mike Moynihan's Purple Spectre. Like a chemist mixing volatile compounds, Purple Spectre blends elements of funk, rock, soul, and hard bop into a potent serum of musical nirvana.

The ultimate impact of Purple Spectre is a funky tapestry that is rooted in tradition, yet innovative and fresh. Wry musical wit is integral to Moynihan's exotic compositions and to the searing improvisations that all the members provide. Purple Spectre is jazz as jazz was meant to be: steeped in awe of past masters, yet peering fearlessly into the future with steely resolve.

Purple Spectre is:

Mike Moynihan - Saxophones and Compositions

Kai Felix - Drums

Max Goldschmid - Trumpet and French Horn

Patrick Morris - Electric Bass

Angelo Versace - Keyboard



(520) 465-2496


Photos, film, and editing by Julius Schlosburg

Copyright 2017 by Michael Moynihan